All About Us

"Old World Craftmanship with New World Style"

Like most entrepreneurs, Dennis Dahl began this company with a dream; a desire to do more than just start a business, a need to pursue a passion to create. So, while still a practicing Chiropractor, in 1990 Dennis made preparations to turn a lifetime interest in woodworking into a new career as a full-time cabinet maker.

By the summer of 1990, he was turning out impressive custom woodwork from his garage as a one man show. Over time and encouraged by professional cabinetry seminars, Dennis began to expand his offerings to include custom furniture and more elaborate cabinetry. This in turn helped grow the business, requiring the addition of associates with the same level of passion and attention to detail that Dennis prides himself on.

In 1999, Dennis moved the company, now a small, elite team of artisans, into our current workshop in the historic Park Trades Center in downtown Kalamazoo, a mecca for artists and craftspeople of all kinds in the area.

In 2002 as pursuing the work, dealing with clients and designing the end products became more of a chore and a distraction from building, crafting and creating, Dennis saw the need to add someone whose job it was to take some of that burden off his shoulders and let him get back to what he loved doing. It was then that Jane joined us, bringing her knowledge of design and her talent for dealing with clients to the company.

We recently expanded our facility to 8,500 square feet and added a showroom which will soon be filled with the products of the five creative minds who make up the Homestead team.

With this group of multi-talented individuals, all of whom share Dennis’ passion to create unique and exceptional items of hand-sculpted wood, our company is committed to being nothing short of the best at what we do, living up to our motto.